Best Antivirus Software 2019

Getting a good antivirus software to protect your PC and your data is now necessary today due to number of threats that move over the internet. That you use your PC for work, downloading files or just for streaming online… you are always at risk and that’s for why it’s very important to be correctly protected! Here is a list of the best antivirus software to protect your PC.

RankingCompanyStarting pricePopular featuresReview scoreLink
Kaspersky Antivirus$39.99
per year
Real-time Protection
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Avira Antivirus$44.99
per year
Malware & PUA Protection
Email Protection
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BitDefender Antivirus$39.99
per year
Ransomware Protection
Gamer Mode
Parental Control
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ESET Antivirus$39.99
per year
Banking Protection
Wifi Protection
Popup Blocker
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EMSISOFT Anti-Malware$39.95
per year
Triple-Layer Protection
Real-Time File Guard
Surf Protection
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Antivirus vs Internet Security ?

There are many products available from the antivirus companies and sometimes, it can be difficult to choose which version of our antivirus we need to fill all our requirements. If you own a business company, a network at home or having children’s, We highly recommend you to go with an Internet Security antivirus software that will provide you extra protections with the firewall and the parental control features. For basic users that use only their computers for visiting social networks, downloading files, streaming online or simply for making research over the internet.. You can afford with a simple Antivirus Software that cost less expensive, it should be enough for your needs.


Free Antivirus Vs Paid Antivirus

If you want your computer to be protected from those pop-up advertisements, unwanted viruses and safeguard it from malware, computer worms, and Trojan horses… An antivirus software is what you need.

To prevent these, you need to download a software or an antivirus to protect you from the unwanted visitors that might ruin your computer, but which is which, free or paid?


The Battle Begins

An Antivirus program will give you a complete package of anti-spyware, a firewall solution, a global protection from viruses and malware with a simple access for the user. The systems will update simultaneously, and automatically using the latest virus information. Multi-user licenses are often available, allowing you to cover all your IT without the need for purchasing a separate software. Paid antivirus protection systems often include useful extras such as real-time detection, ransomware protection; and performance enhancement utilities that ensure that your laptop or PC are running at their most efficient. There is also the advantage of high-quality customer support and technical back-up, often lacking in free software versions.

Thus, if you want an Antivirus that protects your system from viruses, and does not offer the comprehensive protection you may require. It also pays to read exactly what you are downloading as some free software is merely a trial version which may include a time limit before you are forced to upgrade to the full ‘paid’ package, but congrats it is free.


Paid Antivirus

Paid Antivirus Software provides the Rolls Royce in protection, from Antivirus, Spyware, Malware, Ransomware and Firewall Protection, the extra features can be endless.  Most of these add-ons will be updated automatically and you get real-time protection against the latest threats. I believe that some of the downsides to Paid Antivirus software, is that some of these extras can be considered as bloatware, and it’s an attempt by the software developer to upsell their products. It may cost, $40 or more, but the benefits that you are getting for a year is enough for your money to be paid off.

Benefits of Paid

  • Tech supports when you need it.
  • Real Time Protection in Antivirus, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware and even Firewall.
  • Additional extras to protect your identity online, perfect for people who shop online.
  • No ads.
  • Email protection & Anti-Phishing detection.
  • Better global protection compared to free Antivirus.


  • Fees, you have to pay a recurring annual membership to keep your protection up.
  • Some companies only provide support by Phone, which isn’t ideal if you live on the other side of the word.


Free Antivirus

When it comes down to free Antivirus software, it usually comes with minimum protection, no technical support and lack of features. But if you have a very low budget or cannot afford for a Paid antivirus, Free antivirus is the way to go. It limits your chances for your computer to be protected, and does not offer half as much with full version which you need to buy.


  • Perfect for home users that just occasionally browse the internet and play games.
  • Do not shop online and use their credit cards online.
  • Protects you against common Viruses and Spyware.
  • No fees, it is completely free.


  • Lack of support.
  • Users can get bombarded with annoying pop-ups, banner ads, or intrusive advertising urging you to upgrade to full version.
  • May not always effetely detect viruses and spyware.


Bottom Line

If you have a small business, a complete suite is a better alternative. Technical support will prove essential should an employee or virus bring down your computers. Furthermore, features that allow you to block certain types of sites can keep employees from straying to begin with.

Parents may also consider buying a full-fledged program. Not only can the additional controls be helpful, but the additional warnings about phishing can educate younger users. There are also home-networking features, that can prevent freeloaders from using the family Wi-Fi.

For the rest of us, one of the better free packages, such as Avira Free Antivirus, may be sufficient. They are usually kept up-to-date with the latest virus signatures for scanning and monitoring, and their malware-scanning performance is comparable to their more expensive counterparts.

If you are diligent enough to download and install a free antivirus application, then you need to be more careful than most people when you’re online. You may not need the added protection a $40 or $80 program affords, but should also be the type of person who isn’t likely to open links in strange emails or fall for false ads on malicious websites. In other words, you shouldn’t be in much danger to begin with.

Buying something is worth enough if it means the safety and the protection of your computer. Paying dollars for an antivirus would not be bad with all the bundles you may get and also the security that you would receive, money is not a deal; as long as it is paid off by good quality and great technical support. So as a question Free or Paid?