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Emsisoft is an anti-virus, internet security suite with a vision of creating a Malware-free world and a mission of making a powerful, light-weight, easy-to-use protection software.

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Since 2003, Emsisoft has been working hard to make a difference in the virtual world. Its 30+ employees are spread throughout different places in the world, but all work together as one. Emsisoft is ready to battle against Malware and just about any other kinds of threats anytime, anywhere, as it works global across different countries in different time zones.

Through the years, Emsisoft has made its name and earned multiple records of success in the industry. It holds certificates of partnership with big companies like OPSWAT and Microsoft, having recognized as OPSWAT Gold Partner and Microsoft Certified Partner. It is AV-Test certified and is even named as the “Top Rated Product of the Year” by AV-Comparatives. It has been awarded as “AV of the Year” by different organizations like PCSL and Cyber Defense Magazine. It has also earned the three-star “Advanced+” ranking, the highest security award. These are a whole lot of recognition and awards, but there are more ways Emsisoft can impress users.

Popular Features


  • Better malware detection rate in the antivirus industry.


  • Triple layer protection prevents infection from all Internet threats.
  • Surf Protection blocking access to known fraudulent and dangerous websites to avoid phishing and accidental malware downloads.
  • Real-time File Guard constantly scanning all downloaded and started files, using two scanners and more than 10 million detection patterns.
  • Online Banking Protection keeps fraudsters away from your money by hardening your browser software.

Detection rates

According to the results of the File Detection Test administered by AV-Comparatives just last March 2016, Emsisoft’s detection rate is 99.8%, the second highest score following Avira and Kaspersky’s rate of 99.9%. The test shows that Emsisoft can detect the most recent and prevalent computer and internet threats. Emsisoft also detected only a very little amount of false positive detections. It reported only 3 false alarms in the latest test. This very low false detection rate, along with other scoring categories, adds to and makes up for the overall detection rate of 99.8%.




Customer Support

Emsisoft gives its users millions of ways to get customer help and support. Upon learning the problem, users can do the initial action before requesting help with independent research. Emsisoft has a FAQ page where common problems and concerns may have already answered. There is also a Support Forum where users can ask and post questions to qualified Emsisoft technicians who can respond quickly and find immediate solutions. This is suggested for problems like malware infection and other related threats.

Otherwise, if problems are still unsolved, Emsisoft suggests customers to seek help by reaching the Emsisoft Email Support. Users can ask questions and personal concerns through e-mail. Emsisoft promises to answer e-mails as soon as possible within less than 24 hours.


Emsisoft has two product categories: Home user products and Business products. Prices depend of the length of protection, the longer, the bigger the discount.

Product for Home
AntivirusAnti-malwareBehavior blockerFirewallTheft ProtectionPrice per service
1 Year2 Years (13%off)3 Years (20%off)
Emsisoft Anti-MalwareYesYesYesNoNoUS $39.95US $69.95US $95.95
Emsisoft Internet SecurityYesYesYesYesNoUS $49.95US $87.45US $119.95
Emsisoft Mobile SecurityYesNoNoNoYesUS $9.95US $19.90US $29.85

Emsisoft Anti-Malware is said to be the greatest tool against all kinds of internet threats. It has a dual scanner for malware and other kinds of viruses. It even gives protection to banking activities.

Product for Business
AntivirusAnti-malwareBehavior blockerFirewallTheft ProtectionPrice per service
1 Year2 Years (13%off)3 Years (20%off)
Emsisoft Anti-MalwareYesYesYesNoNoUS $39.95US $69.95US $95.95
Emsisoft Anti-Malware For ServerYesYesNoYesNoUS $99.95US $174.95US $239.95
Emsisoft Emergency Kit ProYesYesNoYesNoUS $99.00NoNo

Emsisoft offers the best protection for just about any types of business. In addition to the brief details in the table above, Emsisoft Anti-Malware is the most awarded end point protection that has dual virus and malware scanner. It also has behavior blockers for new and existing threats. It may not have internet theft protection, but it is designed with surf, anti-phishing protection. Emsisoft anti-Malware for Server is another product of Emsisoft with the best quality. It detects the most infinitesimal malware found and notifies to e-mails. Plus, it optimizes server operating systems.


With all of its powerful software and tool products, Emsisoft can undoubtedly give the best protection. Settling on Emsisoft wouldn’t be a bad choice at all.